twentyrising. We love what we do. So we want to do it even better. twentyrising. We love what we do. So we want to do it even better. Scroll


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twentyrising is the impossible agency. Founded by five friends, without network back-up, without investors or starting clients. At the moment when the economy was going down and AI up.
Today we work for Netflix, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, ESL FACEIT GROUP, Gebrüder Heinemann, Seeberger and MOIA - with and without AI. We are also still friends. Together we do what we want to do better. We are organized differently and believe that every task is equally important. All our actions are transparent, accountable and reliable. And with only one goal: more customers for our clients. We achieve this through outstanding ideas, always and everywhere. Because we believe that an idea is always and everywhere more successful than no idea. This is how impossible success becomes possible.

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We have developed ideas against everything that distracts or annoys. So that nothing distracts or annoys. Want an example? Here it is: After 72 hours at the latest, you have a decision on everything. Whether it's an investment, a vacation request or a promotion application - if it takes longer, it's a yes. We separate performance reviews from salary discussions. We always give you the right to assignments that will help you grow. So the job stays exciting and you stay longer than 2 years. And no matter how long you stay, if the bottom line is right, everyone benefits in a transparent and understandable way.
We prefer three twenty-minute presentations to one hour-long presentation. We think it is easy to have right ideas or exciting ideas. Ideas that are right plus exciting is what we strive for. We work at different speeds for different tasks and decide together what is right. We don't track hours, we define packages and goals. We always want to improve together, so we have regular "rise meetings" with our clients to talk about what was great and what could be even better. We want to rise together!

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Diverse teams have better ideas and more fun, so that's exactly what we are. Our first ten employees, for example, came from five different countries. We are just as diverse in terms of expertise and different levels of experience. This also makes for better ideas - and more fun.
We didn't start our career thinking that we could do everything better. We took our time and learned a lot. At some point we missed something that was perfect for today. Something that is no longer 'classic' or 'social'. That treats people in a modern way from the start. That integrates clients differently - more openly and with more confidence. We are Alkisti Stolp, Jojo Hicks, Fernando Araujo, Marc Isken and Till Eckel.

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